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With the UK State Pension age rising to 66 and beyond in the near future, it is more important than ever before to ensure that you adequately plan for your retirement.

However, with pension rules subject to constant meddling by the government it is easy to understand why pension savings have been on the decline for many years. That said, due to the generous tax treatments still given to pensions, they remain the first port of call when looking to build a retirement income.

At IQ we offer independent advice on your pensions to ensure that your arrangements are performing as well as possible and are also benefiting from the constant reductions in pension charges.

Many pensions of old now look very expensive and there can be substantial savings to be made be transferring to a more modern plan. We can review your plans to see if there is any benefit to moving them to another company and if so we can provide you with advice and assistance in making this as simple as possible. In fact we take care of everything.

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