Paul, near Lincoln

14 Jan 2019
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser?
I decided to take advice as I neared ‘decision points’ which would hopefully allow me to identify an early retirement date. Decisions made in the years up to that date would be critical to my plans and their outcome. I needed a professional financial ‘sounding board’ who understood my goals and who could advise feasible ways to achieve them.
How did James Espin help you?
James has been very helpful. I had crunched my own numbers however, not being a financial professional myself, I needed the latest and most up to date guidance from someone like James. We meet once or twice a year in person to discuss our plans and he is always available via other means, as and when is necessary. Any specific requests from me are normally dealt with in a timely fashion.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
As we get closer to the desired early retirement date; James and I have tweaked and rescheduled plans to meet my personal aspirations. I expect to continue with this arrangement as it comes to fruition and also beyond to ensure the plans stay on track.
What could they have done better?
As a customer I think we would all like our adviser to be more proactive on our behalf however, those levels of service are probably a lot more costly than we are willing to pay, and a sensible level of contact and advice must be acceptable to both parties.

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