John Taylor, Bourne

20 Oct 2014

I was introduced to James Espin by my accountant when I enquired with them about how to deal with my pension savings. At that time I thought my only option was to convert my pension savings into a pension plan. I made an initial appointment with James, who came to my home to talk to me, and that started a very productive relationship. James, started by answering my initial question, discussing with me the possibilities of moving my pension savings to another provider who could provide a better pension return. He then opened my eyes to many other options that exist when considering what to do with pension savings. I had no idea before this of the alternatives for investing or recovering pension funds. In the middle of this the budget changed the possibilities for extracting pension savings. I am currently half way through a plan of changing how I handle my pension savings. James has taken all the hassle for me of dealing with the pension companies and, other than agreeing the course of action, I have had very little to do. James has handled everything.

In my opinion the work James has undertaken for me has put me into a much more advantageous position with my new pension plan than I had expected. I have always felt he is a person with whom I can discuss my financial situation and receive unbiased, up to date and professional advice from which I can make a decision about the route forward.

I would not hesitate to recommend people to contact James to discuss their financial affairs.

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