Investment Philosophy

An appropriate investment strategy is at the very heart of the financial planning process.

Whether you are aiming to grow your capital or for it to produce you an income, it is important for any solution to take into account your own thoughts and beliefs, whilst following a proven process to ensure consistency of results.

The key to any investment success is taking a balanced approach, ensuring that your money is invested in as broad a range of assets as possible. This is called ‘diversification’. You may have heard of this expressed as ‘not putting your eggs in one basket’.

Academic research has proven that over 90% of the variance in performance between different investment portfolios comes from asset allocation, with the remaining variance coming from factors such as fund or stock selection and marketing timing.

This diversification is not only the best control over the returns you can expect of an investment but also over the level of risk it will take.

Research has proven that diversification can reduce risk without reducing the overall return.

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