Why we are different

A business built on Integrity & Quality

We are independent-minded and clear thinking. Our approach for each client is genuinely bespoke, considering the broadest possible range of financial planning options to meet your needs and to adapt to different market environments.

We encourage an open dialogue with all our clients. We want to develop a clear understanding of your financial aspirations so we can build a plan that suits your exact requirements. We are always on the end of a phone and will respond speedily to emails.

Ultimately we want you to feel part of your financial planning and to understand what we are doing for you.

The extent of your involvement in the planning process is entirely up to you. Being completely open and accessible in our approach, we’re happy for you to work closely with us, or leave it all in our hands. And for us, it’s about an ongoing relationship, which is why we have worked with many families throughout the generations.

Over time, you should expect investments to achieve a better result than from any savings account, so we believe our services effectively pay for themselves.

You will get access to your own personal finance website detailing a summary of your current financial position along with the individual policies you hold with all providers. This allows you to see your entire affairs in one place, meaning you can dispose of that drawer full of paperwork that never gets looked at.


Our Independence is assured

We place our clients at the very heart of our advice process.

We have no interest, financial or otherwise in any product provider or third party, however should your financial plan require the use of a particular product or service, we are able to research the ‘whole of market’ to ensure that any product fits you rather than the other way round.

We feel that complete independence is the only way of ensuring there can be no conflict of interest whilst working on your behalf.

We embrace the use of technology in our business to provide straightforward and transparent advice in a simple and convenient way. The efficiencies this creates can then be reflected in the fees we charge.

As a client, you can access your own client website either through a computer, tablet or smartphone. This site offers you a real-time overview of your finances, secure storage for any sensitive documents and a secure messaging facility to safely contact your adviser. This enables you to have greater control over your future and maximises the chances of meeting your goals.

A business built on Integrity & Quality

We believe trust is key to a prosperous relationship

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